How an HVAC System Works

If you have a standard air conditioner or you are considering purchasing one, there are some essential things to learn about how these machines work, the operating expense, energy effectiveness, cost, size, and upkeep. Air conditioners and refrigerators work the same way. Instead of cooling just the small, insulated space inside of a refrigerator, an air conditioner cools a room, a whole house, or an entire business. Air conditioners use … [Read more...]

Top 10 Winter Energy Saving Tips

No Cost Options Start by setting your thermostat to 68°. Your heating system will operate less and use less energy. Turn your thermostat down 5° at night or when leaving your home for an hour or more to save up to $70 on energy costs each year. For a small investment, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to adjust your home's temperature settings automatically when you're sleeping or away. Set your water heater to 120°. It’s … [Read more...]