Many people are not aware of this, but with such a large number of older homes, the average duct system in the Huntsville area is 25-30 years old. Many people don’t even realize that their duct system is now obsolete. These duct systems are neglected for a very simple reason: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Just because you can’t see the signs of an outdated duct system, doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling the effects of it. Many of them have leaks that waste energy by dumping the conditioned air out into your basement or attic, costing you a small fortune in utility bills. Not only that, but an improperly sealed system can allow access for all kinds of bacteria, dust mites and molds. If you are concerned about your Indoor Air Quality, feel free to give us a call and we will set up an indoor air quality test (indoor allergy test) in or around your Huntsville, Alabama home so that we can evaluate your duct system. And there’s no need to take our word at face value, we encourage you to allow us to point out any problems that you may have so you can see them with your own eyes. We also install and repair humidifiers and top of the line electronic air filters. In case you haven’t heard of one, an electronic air filter actually ionizes the air to charge contaminants and attract them to metal plates with an opposing charge. Basically it’s a magnet for all that nasty stuff you don’t want to breathe in every day. Your home could benefit from a whole house air cleaner, an air purifier, a UV light, or a number of other options. The best way to know is for a licensed, trained heating and air conditioning professional to come in and perform an air quality test.

Do you live in or within 30 miles of Huntsville? Do you have allergies or other health symptoms in your home? Are you considering purchasing an air cleaner? Give us a call first. We would be happy schedule an indoor air quality test in your home.