Thomas HVAC Company provides an array of services to help your home perform at its peak capacity 365 days of the year. This is what we call “home performance”. If we can get your home operating at its peak levels, your home will be at its maximum efficiency (saving you money) and ensuring that your home’s air is completely safe for your family.

Energy Audit
Do you have rooms that are different temperatures? Do you have energy bills that are higher than they should be? Our energy audit specialists utilizing our blower door test and infrared technologies to diagnose where your home is losing air, and offer solutions to help you save money every month.

Home Health Assessment
Many people experience any of the following symptoms in their home that might could be eliminated or minimized: Headaches, illness, allergies, migraines, discomfort, wheezing, asthma, congestion, sleepless nights. Through our home health assessment, we will give you a detailed report of exactly where your home is losing air and the health hazards within your home, and a priority list of how to remedy the issues.

Insulation Services
Proper home insulation ensures that your home’s central air conditioning system isn’t having to work harder than it should.

Crawlspace Encapsulation
Do you have moisture, pests, mold and bacteria in your crawlspace? Proper crawlspace encapsulation will remedy these issues and any health issues that come with it.