Duct Blast Test (Duct Leakage Test)

If there is air leakage in your home, Thomas HVAC Company can find it. A duct blaster combines a small fan and a pressure gauge to pressurize a home’s duct system and accurately measure the air leakage of ductwork.

Here’s how the test works:

  • A duct blaster is used to directly pressure test the duct system for air leaks, in much the same way a plumber pressure tests water pipes for leaks.
  • The duct blaster fan is first connected to the duct system at the air handler cabinet, or a return grill. After temporarily sealing all remaining registers and grills, the duct blaster fan is turned on to force air through all holes and cracks in the ductwork.
  • The fan speed is increased until a standard test pressure is achieved in the duct system. A precise leakage measurement is then made using airflow and pressure gauge connected to the duct blaster system.